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The Constellation Badge is the reward for besting me and my Fairy-types.

(thanks to @FirstProgenitor for designing this!)

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thinking about making a VGC '20 team. I don't have very much experience in doubles, but the format looks so cool and I've been meaning to get into it for ages

first two preferably. I want advanced and incomprehensible gender sliders

My teams, courtesy of the DataDex app team builder

I still have more tweaks to do around the edges but I feel petty good about both lineups overall.

There are three options: either game freak opens up all clothing options to all players, lets us change our gender after character creation, or we fucking riot

can't believe the cowards at nintendo gave flygon normal ass eyes under red goggles instead of compound eyes like it's clearly supposed to have

also I got a shiny Deino during this so I'll be rocking a shiny Hydreigon on my challenger team

I did a egg hatching marathon tonight and I have 11/12 of the Pokémon on my two teams mostly prepared. The last one remaining is my Koffing; I'll probably have a suitable candidate lined up tomorrow morning.

I traditionally name my competitively-trained Pokémon with Cockney rhyming slang and so I absolutely can't break that tradition in the only Pokémon region that actually has a Cockney, now can I

My Pokemon fight by showing you incredibly cursed shitposts to inflict psychic damage

It has been brought to my attention that most people spell it "league", but the fediverse pokemon leage takes a descriptivist stance on language.

Galarian Weezing, Gardevoir, and Mimikyu are certain to be on my team, however. They're my core. The rest of the team, however, is more difficult to get right.

OK, I've done enough tinkering with my challenger team today that I feel petty happy with it.

Now, the fairy team... that's more difficult. Fairy is a very well-rounded type, but many of its most powerful Pokémon aren't present here in Galar. So, I have to experiment a bit more before I find a team of Fairies that work perfectly in sync

The Ice Gym is a fascist free zone.

If they try and show up here we beat them up and rehabilitate their Pokemon.

The Constellation Badge is the reward for besting me and my Fairy-types.

(thanks to @FirstProgenitor for designing this!)

Sorry did I say "petition"? That's not quite right.

What I meant was, I will freeze over the doors to your establishments until this is corrected.

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