Played some more ranked matches tonight with a new team, now I'm 15-6 overall 👾

Love Rotom. Excellent concept and also cool that it's super strong in this generation

I actually really like the training process for baby Pokémon. Pick one you like from the litter and give it a bell to hold. Feed it 53 vitamins and take it to a tournament where it gets to watch its future teammates annihilate the competition, and it evolves from happiness. Then you give it a magic rock and it evolves again, and it gets to eat candy until it's perfectly strong.

My teams, courtesy of the DataDex app team builder

I still have more tweaks to do around the edges but I feel petty good about both lineups overall.

first two preferably. I want advanced and incomprehensible gender sliders

can't believe the cowards at nintendo gave flygon normal ass eyes under red goggles instead of compound eyes like it's clearly supposed to have

There are three options: either game freak opens up all clothing options to all players, lets us change our gender after character creation, or we fucking riot

Finishing up with my challenge team today! Hoping to take it online for some testing, should be fuuuuun

How come cotton guard provides more defense than iron defense. This doesn't make any sense

Magikarps are one of my favorite pokemon because they're likely loosely based off of a chinese legend where if a carp works hard and climbs the waterfall to cross the dragons gate they can become a dragon and
1) dragons are awesome how cool is that
2) perhaps we should all strive to have the tenacity of a magikarp and flail until we overcome our personal challenges to cross our own dragons gates

Or something. I think magikarp is cute mostly

After hatching over 50 eggs I am proud to add Thoth, a Xatu, to the team - replacing our Indeedee. We've also changed around some items and are feeling more tuned than ever.

I hatched 37 Natu and none of them had the correct nature. There was only a 22% chance that this would happen

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