I went ahead and added a domain block for Qoto, for "features" that make the fediverse unsafe


Just opened a fortune cookie and there was nothing inside

@Laser @Timmy no the story about the birth of my son ignorance, that was a belabored pun

@triz @Timmy do not question how my users choose to identify. Even if it's a belabored pun

@Laser please do something about Triz, this has to be against the rules

food shitpost 

Don't tell jorts.horse but I'm stepping out on their asses


@buffaloser this morning I read an article by some dumbass who thinks it's on its way to $7k lmao

I promise I'm not going to make a habit of moving around. I just wanted a different @.

This account will be my main and @Timmy is my backup account

do people in the states and other anglo countries drink only hot mate???

@Timmy oh sick it's my personal nightmare!! oh cool it's my fucking hell!!!

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