omg I'm doing a casual playthrough of Ultra Sun and I got a hidden ability inkay first try, @Wensleydale

ok the process of transferring my mind has begun. All I gotta do is update my 3ds, probably pokebank as well, renew my subscription to pokebank AND Nintendo online, get a subscription to pokemon home, then transfer the pokemon. easy

getting pokemon home tonight, prepare to be absolutely stunted on when I post my collection

what's all this now about dlc?? smells like bull shit marketing tactics to me

the most unrealistic thing about Pokemon is that you can ride your bike up stairs

tbh the more I play online the more I dislike dynamaxing. I mean cool, pokyman big, whatever, but it makes the game about spamming your strongest move. boring as hell imo

my gym team is about 95% done, all that's left is to practice some battles and tweak movesets and items :)

don't tell the kanto crew but I'm skippin out on they asses

just fought an npc in the battle tower whose wobbufett encored me into doing six bulk ups, and as soon as it ended I completely swept their team lmao

btw it wasn't until about 40 hours into the game that I realized the box link lets you access the PC from anywhere

The Fighting Gym officially encourages all trainers to practice their pokemon's fighting type moves on any nazis you encounter

The Constellation Badge is the reward for besting me and my Fairy-types.

(thanks to @FirstProgenitor for designing this!)

If you are able to prevail against me, Warden Mal, in the Ice Gym, you will be awarded the Fediverse Pokemon League's Ice Badge.

A competition is being planned among our 13 gym leaders to challenge one another!

More details will be forthcoming in the future.

This is the official account of the Fediverse Pokemon League!

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